It's just about back to school time, and that means many college students will be saying goodbye to their parents and moving away for the first time. But not for Brandon Muckerman, an incoming freshman at Western Connecticut State University; he will be going to school with his father, Doug, this fall. Doug works in Danbury and will be taking night classes at the University, while his son does his studies during the day (and of course will be studying at night- what else do college students do then?).

Doug went to Naugatuck Valley Community College and earned his associates degree, and now is looking to pursue a Certified Public Accountant designation. Meanwhile, Brandon is studying criminal justice. But the real question is: how fierce in the competition between the two for better grades?

In an interview with the News Times, the two did say they will be pushing each other to do the best they can. Doug said “I want to make sure he passes all his classes. Not so much of who’s doing better, but if I am, I’ll be sure to let him know.”  While Brandon came back with "I’m sure my dad will want to see my GPA, but not to see if it’s better than his." What happens if they two of them cross paths on campus? Well according to Brandon he'll just "say 'hi' and keep going to my next class."

This isn't the first time family has attended Westconn together, just this past year a mother and son graduated from the university. Classes start this semester on August 27th.