The State University of New York at New Paltz (SUNY New Paltz) had a historic year for athletics in the 2018-2019 season. The Hawks Men's Volleyball program won on a national level, and they clinched a multitude of regional titles all around in field hockey, women's tennis, women's basketball, women's volleyball, and men's volleyball. SUNY produced two All-Americans in women's basketball and men's volleyball- so they have an impressive resume to say the least.

However the Hawks' Men's Lacrosse program is brand new; their first game won't come until March 4th of 2020, but they already are looking to establish a dynasty in that sport. In an interview, the first year head coach Dwayne Stewart said he's "extremely excited about this incoming freshman class... filled with dynamic athletes." The team announced the addition of LMU alumni Dylan Neisler as offensive coordinator on the coaching staff. Neisler said he is "going to bring a Midwest attitude to this program"- something to certainly keep an eye on in the coming year.

Courtesy of LMU Athletics

In the meantime, the Woman's basketball coaching staff is also getting a new face. It was recently announced that Jessica Paden will become the new Assistant Coach to the squad. Paden was coach of the Hyde Park Central School District from 2014 to 2018 when she took over as head coach of the varsity team. In her time there, the team won the Mid-Hudson Athletic League Championship for the first time in 32 years- Paden was later recognized as Coach of the Year. She says that her " knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience with the game and in education will allow me to add a different perspective to the team and program."

Courtesy of SUNY New Paltz Athletics

Stepping in to an Assistant Coach role for the Women's Lacrosse team is former student athlete Dainelle Keenan. Keenan graduated from Iona college in 2019, after a season of scoring eight goals in seventeen games. She says that "Lacrosse has been a very important part of my life for the past 10 years and I can't wait to continue my involvement with the sport as a coach." Keenan was a midfielder, so she understand the balance of offensive and defensive strategies.

Courtesy of Iona Athletics

Cross country is also seeing some new faces on their staff.  Kerry Gaye and Galo Vasquez are both coming into assistant coaching roles and- with over fifteen years of running experience between the two- will help bolster the team. Vasquez is a SUNY alumni who ran from 2013-2017. Gaye was a runner at Marist College, and helped her team set records there.

Courtesy of Marist Athletics
Galo Vasquez in action- courtesy of SUNY Atheltics

And finally, on Friday the Hawks let it known to the world that Yorman Escobar will be assisting the Women's Volleyball team this year. Escobar is a SUNY alumni who helped the team win a championship in 2016, and is eager to return to the court to share his experience with the team. He said in his interview that "The objective this year is to repeat the success of the past season and make it further into the tournament."

Photo by Robin Weinstein

SUNY New Paltz athletics had a record breaking year, and they're on the warpath again in 2019. New coaches usually mean good things for a team, and when teams are already thriving, championships usually follow. You can follow all of the Hawks' athletics here.