It is Father's Day, and Dads around the world will be extra celebrated. The day will be filled with barbeques, power tools, new ties, and really bad jokes (Hi Hungry, I'm Dad). Fathers play an incredibly important role in everyone's lives, but there seems to be an extra special connection when it comes to Dads in and around sports.

One of, if not the most prominent father/son combinations in the sports world has to be Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Jr. In August of 1990, the two became the first father-son teammates in baseball, and who could forget the game where the duo hit back to back home runs? The Boone family is also an excellent example of families in sports. Ray Boone fathered Bob Boone, who in turn helped bring Aaron and Bret Boone into the world- and into Major League Baseball. There are also the Earnhardts, Dell and Steph Curry, and so many more. But it doesn't have to be fathers competing with their kids, knowing that Dad will be there is more important.

One thing I will never forget is a 2012 Yankees-Red Sox game I was watching with my dad where second baseman Dustin Pedroia left the game to be with his wife as they welcomed a second child. There have been a number of other professional players across all sports that have left a game to be with family- too many to list here. And of course, there are the heroes at home too- my dad being one of them.

I played two sports growing up, soccer and baseball, both for town leagues. Dad coached the soccer games; getting up early on Saturdays to run practices and watch as kids ages six through eight fail to kick a goal for hours. As my brother and I grew up we played Wiffle Ball in the back yard Dad was there to teach us how to throw and hit properly. We would then spend the rest of the evening watching either the Yankees or Red Sox until we fell asleep on the couch (Dad still does this). The biggest influence on my life has to be when Dad would find a baseball game on the radio on summer nights: that's what started my passion for broadcasting and started me down the path I'm on now.

To all the Dads out there; the professionals and the rookies, may your lawns always be fresh, your grills always hot, and your puns always get a collective groan from the room. Happy Father's Day.