There is a bevy of ways to get food in New Milford. You could go out to a restaurant, order delivery, order pickup, or go out to the supermarket to get the ingredients for a night of cooking in. One way that's missing from the list is food trucks- a method that has been rising in popularity over the years- however, this may change before the end of July.

In late June, the New Milford Town Council was considering an ordinance that would allow businesses to have food trucks on private property on a regular basis. Right now the rule is that food trucks can only be on private property up to four times per year.

There have been many opinions about the idea. Supporters of this ordinance claim that food trucks are to be expected around places such as breweries, while opponents say it would take away from the business of brick and mortar restaurants.

The New Milford Town Council voted on Monday night to add more regulations to the existing food truck ordinance, many having to do with cost. These are the changes compared to the original regulations

  • $80 for a two-week setup or $160 for a month- on top of a health permit and a $10 fire department fee if the truck uses propane
  • Food trucks must have a business partner in town, they wouldn't be able to park anywhere
  • Businesses with a kitchen could not partner with a food truck
  • Food trucks cannot be within 250 feet of a business with a restaurant

The future of food trucks is uncertain but promising in New Milford. The Town Council will vote on the updated ordinance on July 22nd.